Our diagnostic background is outstanding even on an international level, it is among the most modern imaging diagnostic services. Our experienced specialists come from fields such as Sports Surgery, Traumatology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology or Neurosurgery. In order to achieve the fastest and more accurate diagnosis, we consult our radiologist colleagues so that we can provide rehabilitation for our patients as soon as possible, if necessary.

The diagnostic report is available within 8 hours, so we can consult the patient extremely quickly. As part of this, we put together a program that is most suitable for him, after which rehabilitation can begin immediately.

If no diagnostic examination has been performed yet and we think it is necessary, we will redirect the patient to our diagnostic center, where MRI, CT or X-ray examinations can be performed according to his/her complaint. The diagnostic report is available within 8 hours, so we can consult the patient extremely quickly. In the course of this, based on the documents available to us and in consultation with the attending physician or radiologist, we review your medical history and complaints and assess your current condition in the framework of a physical examination.

The next step depends on whether the patient's problem is in the acute or chronic phase. If you are in the acute phase and have a specialist recommendation or radiological opinion, you will be referred to infusion therapy and in parallel we will start physical therapy treatment. The primary goal of physical therapy is to reduce and eliminate inflammation, which can be done with magnetotherapy, laser treatment or shockwave therapy, depending on the location and nature of the complaint. Once the inflammation has been reduced and eliminated, we can move on to the next phase, which can be manual therapy or physiotherapy, but in many cases the greatest effectiveness is achieved by applying the two types of treatment in parallel. During the treatments, we can work effectively in the given areas without touching the parts that may still be inflamed. (Details about each type of treatment will be found under the buttons called physiotherapy, massage therapy and equipment park, on the website.)

Therefore, rehabilitation includes manual therapy, physiotherapy and the use of physical therapy devices such as lasers, shock waves, magnets to achieve the freedom of movement of our patients in the shortest possible time with a complex, interdependent and mutually stimulating system, and they can leave satisfied and healthy. 😊