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Gergely Kovács - Sports and- Massage Therapist

Gergely Kovács - Rehabilitation Leader
Gergely Kovács - Rehabilitation Leader

Prior to therapy sessions, he personally consults with patients. Following medical, diagnostic opinion, he compiles a comprehensive treatment program aimed at promoting the patient's recovery and rehabilitation, ensuring the most effective therapy. He recommends massage therapy, physiotherapy, and the use of physiotherapeutic tools as needed. He closely monitors and documents the patient's healing process, and recommends further specialist examinations if necessary.

Qualifications, Trainings:

  • 2002: Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Semmelweis University
  • 2007-2009: Practical Osteopath Training at Kapos Kft. Adult Education Center
  • 2007-2009: Sports Physiology Education at Kapos Kft. Adult Education Center
  • 2007: Basic Kinesio Tape Taping Course
  • 2008: Advanced Kinesio Tape Taping Course
  • 2008: Yumeiho - Massage Course
  • 2009: Korokan Course
  • 2011: Acupressure Course
  • 2012: Refreshing Foot Massage Course
  • 2013: Shockwave Therapy Course

Professional Experience:

  • BM Hospital
  • ORFI (National Institute of Sports Medicine)
  • Pain Clinic (Fájdalomambulancia, Hungary)
  • Movement Doctor (Mozgásdoktor, Hungary)
  • Balance Movement Therapy and Sports Innovation Center (Balance Mozgásterápiás és Sport Innovációs Központ, Hungary)
  • TV2 Mokka - Professional Consultant www.tv2.hu/mokka
  • Hungarian Synchronized Skating Team (Magyar Szinkronkorcsolya Válogatott, Hungary)
  • Hungarian Rowing Federation (Magyar Evezős Szövetség, Hungary) www.hunrowing.hu
  • BSE Women's Handball and Basketball Teams
  • Tennis Events - TennisClassics 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Hungarian Canoeing and Kayaking Team
  • Capital MedicalPoint Ltd., Rehabilitation Coordinator

Mihály Zsubori - Physiotherapist

Mihály Zsubori - Physiotherapist
Mihály Zsubori - Physiotherapist

Following medical diagnosis, he assesses the patient's condition. Then, he conducts stabilizing and functional exercises within the framework of a complex therapy tailored to the patient's needs, based on individualized joint and spinal protection considerations.

Qualifications, Trainings:

  • Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Szeged
  • Kinematic Taping (2015)
  • 3D Scoliosis Therapy (2017)
  • McKenzieA Course (2018)
  • Medical Flossing (2019)
  • CMD - Craniomandibular Dysfunctions Therapy-Temporomandibular Therapy (2020)

Professional Experience:

  • Medical Point
  • Szent Margit Hospital: Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Department (March 2018 - July 2021)

  • Chronic Internal Medicine Department

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Medical staff

Dr. Ferenc Hampel

He is an orthopaedic-traumatologist specializing in hip and knee replacements, knee arthroscopy, shoulder arthroscopy, hand and foot correction surgeries, as well as pediatric orthopaedic examinations over the age of 4.

Dr. Endre Rodler

He is an orthopaedic surgeon, traumatologist, podiatrist specialist, certified member and referent of the GFFC (German Society of Podiatrian Surgeons).

Dr. Ernő Majzik

Sports surgeon-traumatologist. Its main field is the treatment of sports injuries, cartilage injury, ligament rupture, setting up a treatment plan and, if necessary, surgical intervention. He specializes in traumatology, most often he heals knee injuries and lesions.