B.P.R.S. terápia

    A healthy presence and balance is promoted by magnetic energy. If this energy decreases, the balance in the body is also tilted, as a result, diseases can enter our body more easily. Pain depolarizes cells.

    Magnetic energy reduces inflammatory processes, improves blood circulation, causes cells to regenerate, restore their balance, which affects the whole organism.

    The magnet increases the depolarization potential, so the transport of the pain stimulus in the nerve slows down, which leads to complete pain relief. The analgesic effect is enhanced by the negative pole, especially if the magnet is placed on acupuncture points. The magnetic field actually acts like an antibiotic: it reduces acidity, thus the possibility of survival for microorganisms, and through the production of melatonin it has a stress-relieving and calming effect.

    B.P.R.S. therapy is a complex solution that:

    B.P.R.S. therapy is a complex solution that:

  • It brings back and retains magnetic energy, which is constantly decreasing throughout our lives
  • Regenerates and directs cells using electrical impulses and magnetic fields
  • It reaches an increase in the number of cells, which sets the stage for various psychological processes, thereby ensuring the proper and healthy functioning of the whole organism

  • B.P.R.S. therapy effectively helps to treat the following problems:

  • Allergy – especially food and pollen allergies
  • Treatments before and after surgeries
  • Various pains, including nerve or bone pain
  • Weakness, tendency to catch infections
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Asthma, bronchitis
  • Stomach or intestinal disorders
  • Migraine, insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Poisoning, detoxification
  • Old acute problems and pains

Applications of B.P.R.S Therapy:

  • Degenerative joint lesions
  • Tunnel syndromes
  • Shoulder joint lesions
  • Low back pain
  • Overload injuries – insertopathy or ensopathy, muscle inflammation, tendinitis, periosteum inflammation, bursa inflammation, fatigue fracture
  • Sports injuries – bone fractures, ligament injuries, muscle injuries, tendon injuries

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