Kinesio-Tape therapy

Kinesio-Tape Treatment

The Kinesio-Tape technique is an independent and complementary therapy used to address musculoskeletal issues, aiding in the support and restoration of function in the affected area or muscle.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment involves using a special tape with one side coated with adhesive and the other side made of a special fabric with a specific arrangement of fibers. The tape is stretchable and elastic, which is crucial as it allows dynamic, active support of the area, unlike rigid immobilizing devices.

Why is this technique effective?

The basis of the technique is that by continuously stimulating the receptors through the skin for several days, they strengthen the body's activation and self-healing process. As a result, the brain receives a specific stimulus and the area regenerates faster due to increased and faster responses. There are several ways to apply the tape, which is why you can find such diverse patterns. A properly trained professional can provide effective help with this special technique, taking into account the patient's given problem together with the personalized case!

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