Manual physiotherapy

The fundamental goal of physiotherapy is to improve quality of life (enhancing mobility, rehabilitation, pain reduction), alleviate symptoms of certain conditions (e.g., osteoporosis, degenerative musculoskeletal disorders), and prevent further deterioration. Tailored therapy is always based on the patient's needs and designed according to joint and spinal protection considerations, incorporating both stabilizing and functional exercises.

Why is it beneficial?

Physiotherapy is a complex therapy ranging from prevention to therapy and rehabilitation. Preservation of mobility and improvement of movement function can be achieved specifically through physiotherapy. It is used to strengthen and stretch muscles, increase joint range of motion, enhance coordination, and improve muscle strength, aiming to restore the function of the affected organ, organ system, body part, or region.

Static and dynamic exercises are performed in a personalized manner in accordance with the principle of progression, considering the guest's diagnosis and current condition. The essence of professional physiotherapy lies in the application of specialized techniques tailored to the diagnosis, focusing on the entire body.A gyógytorna egy komplex terápia a prevenciótól a gyógykezelésen át a rehabilitációig.

What examinations are necesarry for physiotherapy? 

If you haven't consulted a doctor yet and you have existing complaints, we recommend consulting a specialist first. In our health center, our patients have access to specialists in various fields, such as: Traumatologists, Orthopedic surgeons, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Rheumatologists.
Furthermore, diagnostic tools are available in our institution, such as MRI, X-ray, and Ultrasound machines, providing a comprehensive picture of your current condition. After medical diagnosis, our physiotherapists assess the patient's condition, and together they determine the course of recovery.

In addition to physiotherapy, we also offer complementary physiotherapeutic tools such as:

Together with gymnastics and treatments, we can provide complex rehabilitation to our patients.

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