Massage therapy

Massage therapy aims to recognize and heal reversible dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

Diagnosis includes examining reflex reactions of muscles, ligaments, and skin, as well as joint mechanics, muscle function, and coordination. It helps us localize and analyze movement dysfunctions that occur in the joints of limbs or vertebrae.
Based on this analysis, we effectively heal by targeting pain relief and mobilization with various grips.

Supplementary physiotherapeutic tools are also available for massage therapy, such as:

Why is its application beneficial?

With manual techniques, we aim to release joint stiffness by performing traction (pulling), translational sliding, and soft tissue techniques. During traction, we separate the bones that make up the joint, leading to decreased pressure within the joint, relaxation, and pain relief. The goal is to restore physiological joint play, for which the various soft tissue techniques with their relaxing and stretching maneuvers help. By relaxing the muscles as needed, we restore the dynamic movement, function, original statics, and stability of the spine and limb joints, thereby reducing or eliminating pain (e.g., sprains, neck, back, and lower back pain). As pain diminishes, mobility improves, leading to an enhanced psychological and physical well-being.

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